About Us

Welcome to Electronic Widgets. We are a company that specializes in the supply of a wide range of electronic gadgets that include but are not limited to Android Tablets and Smartphones, Android TV Boxes, New Generation Smart Watches, and other wearable devices, Car DVD Players, GPS Devices, LED Lights, HD Projectors, IP Cameras, Surveillance/Security Cameras and Home Electrical Appliances.

We also have amazing listings on products from popular brands like Apple, Samsung, Sony, Hewlett-Packard, just to name a few. Our head office is currently located at 10685-B Hazelhurst Dr. # 20336 Houston, TX 77043 USA. Electronic Widgets aims at combining shopping and fun to provide maximum experience. With the huge number of goods available in our catalog, visitors now have the opportunity to choose from numerous options. 

Our latest organization and categorization system will make it less demanding for you to browse through the thousands of goods listed in our archive. Our online store is designed in a way that makes it easy to visitor both on mobile devices and PCs to access our wide assortment of electronic devices. In addition, every item listed on the store is paired with a well detailed and comprehensive product description that gives you a clear image of what you are about to purchase. 

At Electronic Widget, our well-trained staffs are committed to providing you with nothing less than the best. We are always working to provide our customers with the best quality products in the market. Well, we don’t just stop there, as ensuring that our customers get the items they ordered for within a reasonable time frame is a priority. Considering the number of orders available to process, every order passes through a rigorous process where our delivery team ensures that every customer receives the exact item the ordered for. The possibility of a mix up is totally ruled out. 

The most interesting thing about Electronic Widgets is that our products are offered at a cheaper price compared to that of our competitors in the market. Furthermore, we offer an array of different promotional packages that rewards both our new and returning customers all through the year. We ship products all over the globe and will also offer free shipping services to select regions. 

Our help and support teams are available 24/7 to provide you with a memorable customer service experience. Customer satisfaction is our top priority and the prevalence of online shopping has prompted us to employ the finest skills and expertise to achieve this goal. 


At Electronic Widget, we believe we can bring about the dawn of a new era were the tiniest bit of stress associated with shopping is eliminated. We intend to create an environment where clients can get whatever they want hassle-free without the need to worry about quality or delivery time. 

We are taking the supply of high-quality electronics and gadgets to a whole new level. Our budget friendly products and quality services will also help in changing the belief of customers who have have one or two reasons to abstain from shopping online. 


Our vision is to revolutionize the idea of shopping entirely.