Delivery Information


At e-Widget, we are highly concerned about the quality of the products we deliver to our clients. We deliver only the best products and services to our customers. Our staffs certify that all our products are of the highest quality and brand new. On no account do we deliver used or fake electronic gadgets. We are renowned in offering and supplying a wide range of consumer electronic gadgets to our customers.  

Our products are carefully selected by our experienced and committed employees. At e-Widgets, we bring the market to your doorstep. Our products are also available and supplied at competitive and discounted wholesale and retail prices. We provide adequate details of the wholesale prices we offer for customers who prefer to order larger quantities of goods. Those who are interested in purchasing a bulk of products for which no wholesale price is provided should contact our live support team for more information. 



We make sure that all products listed in our online store are in stock and are readily available for dispatch. However, our delivery process consists of two important phases namely: processing phase and shipping phase. 

The first phase, which is the processing phase commences immediately after you place an order. This phase is necessary to confirm your order and to ensure that the item(s) delivered to you is indeed the item(s) you ordered for and is of high standard and quality. During this phase, our staffs also double check to make sure the ordered item(s) is in good shape. We ensure that all items are well packaged in a way that enables them to withstand the hassles of shipping and transportation. The processing phase usually takes up to two working days to be completed. 

On the other hand, the second phase known as the shipping phase is the period when actual shipping takes place. This is the phase where your order is verified and packaged goods leave our facility to be delivered to you by a courier service. Shipping time is dependent upon a customer's preferred shipping method. 

The delivery time can also vary a lot based on the delivery country. Customers can visit our support page for more information about shipping time and cost for specific countries. You can also use the tool below to get a quick express shipping time, estimated based on recent actual shipping data. On average, it takes about 7-25 days for ordered items to be delivered to customers. However, delivery times are provided for reference purposes only. 


Customers can find a wide range of shipping options available for them to choose from at checkout including Express shipping with the aid of courier services like DHL, FedEx, and UPS. Although this option may vary depending on the delivery country, the Express shipping option is available to most countries. When using Express shipping, it takes 3-7 days for ordered item(s) to reach their final destinations. 

Customers may also opt to use the EMS shipping option, which takes about 5-20 days for items to reach their destinations. The EMS also known as Express Mail Service is available for many countries. Another popular shipping option available to customers is the Airmail, which is usually used to ship small and lightweight items at a budget-friendly price. Delivery of goods shipped through Airmail takes about 10-30 days from the actual shipping date. Customers will automatically find this option at checkout when the weight of ordered items is not too high.  



We offer Free Shipping for most of our product as a promotion to customers. Our promotional services also include providing free shipping for all items if the total delivery package weighs below 2KG. All ordered items that are to be shipped for free are usually sent via Hong Kong Post, Singapore Post, and Swiss Post. 



The standard shipping type is also available to all customers. However, this type of shipping is mostly preferred by customers who need their packages to be delivered faster. Customers who choose the Standard delivery type will usually receive their packages within 6-8 days through a courier service. 



This shipping option is available to all customers but it is mostly used by those who want their packages to be delivered urgently. It takes about 3-5 days for ordered items with this shipping type to reach their final destinations.  



At e-Widgets, shipping costs are highly dependent on the delivery destination of customers. the cost of shipping also varies based on the quantity and weight of the delivery package. Our shipping costs are known to be relatively lower and budget-friendly when compared to that of our competitors. We are famous in offering lower prices when it comes to the delivery of packages. This is also done as a way of promotion to our loyal and highly valued customers. We always do all it takes to provide you with the best and most comfortable shopping experience. 

The cost of shipping is automatically calculated based on either actual weight or dimension of the delivery package and the delivery location. However, customers may sometimes discover that the Air Waybill attached to the delivered package indicates a weight that is less than the shipping band paid for. This is usually the case when, although the item is lightweight, it is also bulky. In a situation like this, the shipping band is calculated based on dimension, not actual weight. 

It is pertinent to state that shipping cost also varies from one company to another and such prices many be altered at any point in time without prior notice. We do not offer Pay On Delivery Services and so all ordered items, including shipping cost must be fully paid for at the time of placing the order.  

Customers should also remember that shipping charges are nonrefundable except in special circumstances or cases of failed delivery. In such rare cases of failed delivery, our employees take active steps to arrange a credit refund or re-delivery process at no further cost to the customer. We ship varying quantities of goods to all destinations across the globe. 


All our products are shipped with at least 12 months warranty. It is unlikely that customers will encounter any defect with our products as we ensure that all our products are well checked during the processing phase before shipping them. This accounts for why fewer than one percent of all our shipped products are subject to any quality issues. 

However, we offer a replacement, repair services or a reasonable refund for products that become unusable during the first 12 month period after delivery. The repair services are only offered for free before the expiration of the warranty period, otherwise, it is not. 



We accept returns of delivered goods when our customers encounter any quality issue or defects that render the good unacceptable or unusable for the purpose they are bought. However,  this is only allowed within the first 12 months after the product was dispatched from our facility. Returned goods will either be repaired or e-Widget will offer full credit towards providing a replacement. 

Furthermore, customers are advised to first contact our live help line in order to obtain necessary information on how to go about returning faulty products. We also require that customers should first receive authorization from our support team before going ahead to commence return processes. The shipping cost for returning a product to our facility for repair within the warranty period is also nonrefundable. All physical damage done to a product by the customer is not covered by the warranty. 

Additionally, returns are not only opened to defective items. Our return policy also extends to products that are received Dead on Arrival (DOA). All products dead on arrival within 5 days after delivery or in a situation where the delivery date cannot be traced, 30 days after dispatch is returnable. This is notwithstanding any previous guarantees provided.  

Return is also allowed in the unlikely case of incorrect delivery. Our customers are free to contact us if the item(s) delivered to them is different from that which they ordered for. Our live help team is always ready to provide quick remedies for your complaints. You may be required to provide a picture and other details that are necessary to explain the mistake. 

As already stated above, customers should ensure that items to be returned are properly wrapped in the original package. It is also important to ensure that the item(s) is in the same condition as they were when the package was received. Customers are advised to contact us when although, they are satisfied with the incorrect item(s) but they are not satisfied with the price. 

Customers are urged to return incorrect items within 5 days after delivery or 45 days after dispatch from our facility. However, in a situation where the delivery date cannot be traced, we could assist in providing you with order shipment date and other information within 7-10 working days via email. 

However, our return policy does not extend to products that have the same main functions and appearance but a different batch, item logo or packaging from the one displayed on our website.   

 Also included in our return policy are unsatisfactory products. Customers are allowed to return products with which they are not satisfied. You can return this type of products within 5 days after delivery. We will ensure that products are exchanged or fully refunded. However, customers will be required to cover the cost of shipping both ways if the defect is not from us or our product.