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Author July 11, 2017

Speculations, features, and reviews of the new DJI Inspire 2

The new DJI Inspire 2 sports upgraded features and speculations compared to its predecessor, the DJI Inspire 1. The new drone is packed with jaw-dropping features that will provide every user with an amazing experience.

Though the DJI Inspire 1 is still trending among fans the new drone is said to have more in store for tech enthusiast. According to reports, the new drone features a design that is very similar to that of its predecessors, a dual battery for increased performance coupled with a Zenmuse X5S camera. It is reported that although its base cost is about $3,000 (£3,000/AU$5,200), the device will cost up to $6,200 (£6,000 /AU$10,700) because of the addition of the Zenmuse X5S camera.

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Author July 11, 2017

Samsung Is Rolling Out A New Update Along With The June Security Patch For Its Galaxy S6 Edge Plus

New reports suggest that Samsung has started distributing the long awaited June security patch for its Galaxy S6 edge plus. According to reports, the South Korean tech giant is currently rolling out the new update which includes several fixes and improvements for Galaxy S6 edge plus in Europe. Many Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus users already have access to the software updates which brings the security patch for the month of June on the handset.

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Author July 11, 2017

Push Notification Feature Will Roll Out To Alexa-Enabled Devices, Amazon Says

Push notification functionality will soon be available to Alexa-enabled devices. According to recent reports, Amazon announced that a push notification feature will be available to Alexa-enabled devices in the coming months. 

This is an amazing news for owners of Alexa-enabled devices as their devices will be able to notify them of about information they have initially requested. Instead of waiting to be asked a question before providing an appropriate answer, the upcoming feature will give devices the ability to send alert to users when necessary. The push notification feature will also allow developers to apply new skills via the Alexa Skills Kit and Alexa Voice Service.

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Author July 11, 2017

Google Assistant Update: New Actions Now Available To Smartphone App Developers

New updates reveal that Google Actions are now available to smartphone application developers. According to reports, Google has created new methods that will assist smartphone application developers to provide new ways for users to do things. The new Actions will allow developers to include applications and other services to the Assistant intelligent agent on the Google Home device.

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Author July 11, 2017

List Of Xiaomi Devices That Will Receive The Android Nougat Update

New updates reveal that Xiaomi will be rolling out the Android Nougat update to its devices very soon. According to reports, the developer has stated it will soon release the Android 7.0 and the Android 7.1 Nougat to some of its devices. This is great news to Xiaomi users as most of the developer's devices are still powered by Marshmallow. But as fans already know, the Xiaomi  Mi Max 2 and the Mi 6 were shipped with the Android 7.1.1 Nougat.

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Author July 11, 2017

Fresh Leaks Reveal The Expected Cost As Well As Specs And Features Of The Moto G5S Plus

New Moto G5S Plus leak has revealed dual camera and a new color variant for the upcoming device. The leak also revealed what is claimed to be the speculated cost of the new Moto G5S Plus device. Fans already have an idea of what the device will look like, as there have been lots of leaks and rumors with regards to the speculations and features of the new handset. 

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