Privacy Policy

At Electronic Widgets, we are willing to go to any length and do whatever it takes to provide our customers with a Safe and Secure Online Shopping experience. The privacy of our customers are held in high esteem and we will ensure that every information we collect from you is guarded against any unauthorized use whatsoever. We plan and organize our services in a way that customer do not have any reason to express privacy concerns. 

However, by submitting your personal information to Electronic Widgets, you also consent to the collection, use, and storage of such information in accordance with the provisions of this privacy policy. It is important to state that this privacy policy statement was formulated in accordance with the Federal Government Privacy Amendment (Private Sector) Act 2000 (New Privacy Laws) of 21 December 2001 and the Spam Act 2003 which came into force on the 10th day of April 2004. Here is a detailed, step by step explanation of our privacy policy.  


 The information we collect from customers who use our website may include but are not limited to personal Information provided by the customer for one reason or the other. The information you provide is used to ensure safe and customized user experience. Although, users may choose to browse through our website without providing any personal information, providing such details will make you known to us.  

We also provide users with the opportunity to choose the information they want to disclose by indicating fields that are optional and those that are required. Customers also have the discretion to choose whether or not to provide any personal information, which may include but are not limited to Customer Name, Email Address, Home address, Country, City, Post Code, Cellphone Number, and Password. This information is also used to complete verification process when you decide to purchase something on our website. 

Furthermore, our server collects other nonpersonal information from customers who use our website. This information is server IP address, the previous URL visited by the user, pages accessed and the documents downloaded, type of browser used, date and time of visit, and much more. Such nonpersonal information is used to make shopping more comfortable and to provide users with better product and services. However, any other information acquired in the process, which does not serve the above mention purposes are quickly expunged from our system. 

We will never sell or share your personal information with a third party without first seeking and obtaining your consent unless it is provided for in this Privacy Policy. Any information obtained from you may be shared with our agent, dealers, corporate affiliates, vendors and other third parties that are necessary to help in processing your order, improve products and services, research purposes, better understand customer's needs, notify customers of new products and services and to comply with any law, regulation, or court order. e-Widget does not sell or share any personal information obtained from our customers for unknown reasons. 

Customers have the discretion to remove any of their personal information from our system. You can also change any personal information previously submitted but, which you now wish to keep private. Customers are allowed full access and control to their accounts created with us. However, users are advised to first contact our support team before making changes to their email and contact address as this may diminish the efficiency of the services we are able to provide them with. 


We cookies on some pages of our Website. This assists us in making data collection easier and faster. The information collected while using cookies are stored on our server, thereby making it easy for us to identify new and returning customers. It also helps us to maintain session information for logged-in users. Meanwhile, we do not control the use of cookies on third party pages placed on our website. 

Cookies help us collect information about customer interest and buying behavior, billing address, Card details, and tracking information for check and money orders. We also collect other information that is necessary for the resolution of disputes. To use our website, our server may require customers to enable cookies on their web browser so as to keep track of this information. However, customers may prevent us from collecting certain non-personal information by disabling the ability of their computer to accept or transmit cookies.  


 We protect your privacy by utilizing modern encryption technologies like 128-bit SSL and TLS encryption. This is to ensure communication security via a computer network. At e-Widgets, protecting sensitive information from unauthorized access is a priority. Our team of experts also ensure that our storage systems are secured by engaging the use of latest firewall protections. 

Our employment processes are rigorous to ensure that we only invite credible individuals into our midst. We employ necessary steps and procedure to make sure that all our employees sign and agree to a code of conduct and confidentiality. Employees are prohibited from disclosing sensitive information that they had access to by reason of their employment to a third party. We ensure that your account is password protected and all details and information are deleted from our system when you delete your account with us.  

e-Widgets also changes the access codes used by previous employees to access customer accounts. Our system terminates account login sessions after few unsuccessful login attempts which are then logged for follow-up. 

We maintain efficient backup power supplies and server to protect your information from unexpected outages. Other website linked to ours may collect and use information related to your visit to their website. Our privacy protection does not extend to any act or omission of such site. Clients' visit to such sites is subject to their own privacy policy as we do not control the activities and integrity of people who are not our staffs. We do our best to ensure the compliance of our staffs with applicable privacy laws. 



All our customers are allowed to opt-out from receiving promotional and other updates from us. You have the option to remove yourself or unsubscribe from our email distributing list at any point in time. This can be done by simply clicking on the unsubscribe link on our email. 


e-Widgets reserves the exclusive right to make alterations and amendments to this privacy policy at any point time. Our privacy policy is subject to change without prior notice and customers are urged to review this statement from time to time for any such changes. 

However, we always send out notification via Email to our customers. We also take reasonable steps to notify users of such changes by placing a notice on our home page or other conspicuous places stating that our privacy policy has been updated. We also see it as our responsibility to notify customers of any change in the ownership of our website. In the event of a change in ownership, every customer has the option to decide whether to continue with their account or to terminate it. 

 In addition, our Newsletter is sent out regularly via email to subscribed customers. It contains information about new products and services, latest deals, exclusive offers, coupons, and discounts. We respect the privacy of our customers and we are willing to go an extra mile to ensure that your personal information collected are stored properly and protected from unauthorized use.